Hello everyone,
This will be the last message board tracker BitTorrent client
Goodbye really hard to say, myself will write one article for the feelings that do not work forever
BQT his behalf is pleased to announce: the official BitTorrent client tracker discontinued operations from today.
Just a short letter this may not be enough to tell them all what BitTorrent client has done during its 6 years of operation. Maybe you never play torrent, you probably are not even aware of BitTorrent client, but if you're a music lover, movie lover, must have been a couple of times you see the name of Epik, EBP, L2Bits in your collection, right does not it? That is a great honor, the greatest happiness of the team sent to all BitTorrent client for 6 years.
Through this notice, please behalf tracker thanks to the founders of SK, the Leader Staff predecessor, siblings and your Honor Staff incumbent. And also would like to thank each of you for participating in the activities of the Internal Teams BitTorrent client like team EBP encoding, Epik, VietHD, the team captured CWP, team L2Bits music, audio HDAT team, team ASUT softwares, teams subtitles Subits, HDNews team, thank you for accompanying trackers for 6 years.
Hope to meet you somewhere in the cyber world, and in real life too. Yet it is possible to celebrate together the BitTorrent client review, referring to it as a common house, a pride of all.

BQT BitTorrent client

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