Donation News:

Over the last week PTM Staff have been looking at options and changes to make to combat the slight shortage in donations, while we have maintained services for one month, we need to look at the months coming.
Some users have sent messages to the StaffBox letting us know they have made purchases at ShirtToMe using Pre-Paid Visa and MasterCard Gift Card type payments.
This has proven to work well at both providing donations and keeping your information private.

Other users have encountered some issues when trying to send BitCoins to our address listed on the page footer, we ask you to consider, if you wish to send BitCoins to us, please use the BitCoin option on the ShirtToMe checkout, as this will update both the donation meter and your account status here on PTM.

There's been a few cases where user donations were not automatically applied by the system due to users heading to the site directly, please be aware that while your donations may be received in this manner, your status will not be updated unless you follow the specially placed shirttome button on the donate page.
Like this one:

Given the overall success of our donation drive, we have decided not to enter into other areas of donation collection such as false kickstarter campaigns and multiple PayPal accounts etc.