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    HDSky: Announcements

    没有注册马甲的童鞋 一律严禁回复本帖 本帖仅用于不懂且注册了马甲的童鞋备案免封禁之用!!!这里不是你聊天的地方

    【严重注意:不想再发红裤衩了,请仔细看帖再跟帖,违者一律警告,每人终生有且只有两次警告的机会,第二次 将告别HDSky!】

    对于注册马甲,这在每个PT站都是不允许的,它是一种严重违规行为。本站对马甲的打击也一向是非常严厉的, 一旦发现 马甲,坚决处理,绝不姑息。
    近段时间以来,有部分会员,特别是新会员给管理组发来信息,说注册马甲是因为不了解规则,实属无心之过。我 们考虑 到方方面面的原因,更是本着人性化管理的原则,经管理组商议后作出如下决定:
    1,凡是注册有马甲号的童鞋,无论新会员还是老会员,请于7日内(即日起至11月21),在本帖跟帖,主动报上马甲和主 号。凡主动登记的,我们将保留其主号,ban掉马甲,且不予追究。
    2,11月21日后,本帖关闭,不再接受登记。届时,我们将在后台进行清理,凡是没有登记的,我们将把该会 员的主号与 马甲一起ban,且永远封禁IP,不得申诉
    4,不排除有个别会员恶意登记别人的ID,这样会给我们的清理工作带来一定困难。一旦发现有跟帖时登记的I D不是本人 所有,我们将封禁其IP,自重!

    主 ID:xxxxxx

    马甲解释:简而言之,就是一个人注册了两个及以上的号,不管你是在家里注册,还是单位注册,只要是你一个 人拥有两 个及以上的号,出了主号之外的号,都叫马甲。


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    No registration is strictly prohibited shoes vest reply to this post and this post is only for registered understand vest shoes filing banned free use! ! ! This is not your place to chat

    [serious note: do not want red pants, please see posts again carefully thread, offenders will be warned, there is a lifetime opportunity and only two warnings per person, and the second will bid farewell HDSky! ]

    For registration vest, which are not allowed in every PT station, it is a serious violation. Powered combat vest has always been very severe, once found vest, resolutely deal with, will not be tolerated.
    Recently years, some members, especially new members to the management group sent a message that registration is due to ignorance rules vest, it is not intentional. We take into account all aspects of the reason, it is the principle of human management, the management group after deliberation the following decisions:
    1. Those who have shoes vest registration number, whether new members or old members, please within 7 days (with immediate effect until November 21) , the thread of this post, the initiative to report on the vest and the main number. Where the registration of the initiative, we will retain its main number, ban off the vest, and not be prosecuted.
    2,11 after May 21, this post is closed, no longer accept registration. By then, we will clean up in the background, those who are not registered, we will this member's main number, together with the vest ban, and forever banned IP, not a complaint .
    3, registration can not miss , there are several vest all need to register, if the registration omission caused banned IP, peril.
    4, do not rule out other people's individual members malicious registration ID, this will give us a clean-up work to bring some difficulties. Once registered when the thread ID is not my all, we will ban their IP, behave!
    5, after the current round of clean up, and then found the vest, no matter who will be permanently banned IP.
    6, cleaning objects: the whole station to all members .
    7, in order to facilitate the statistics, Citie each person on the ground floor with the thread , multi-floor multi stickers warning.
    8, this post ban water, non-registration of any non-vest Replies offenders Warning!

    Registration form:
    Main ID: xxxxxx
    vest ID: xxxxxx

    vest explanation: in short, is a person registered more than two numbers and, whether you are registered at home or unit registration, as long as you have a person two or more numbers, and, out of the numbers outside the main number, call vest.

    PS: Despite warnings afraid random thread, look carefully note how no one good habit.

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