Here are some important reports regarding the recent updates of the site.

Regarding payment methods for donations:

Unfortunatelly, PayPal is no longer an option for users to send donations to us directly.

But we are trying to find a workaround method that would allow paypal users to donate us with something else.

However, we have added a few more other options, they are:

Skrill, Payza, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Amazon.com Gift Card, Alipay

some options are already available, some others are not yet, but we are trying to make all of them possible, just check the donation page out, details are updated there: http://hd-sportbits.org/donate.php

Regarding Contributor Plans:

We have just adjusted and revised the Contributor plans, now the latest donation plans are updated on donation page.

We now offer:

1-Month Contributor
3-Month Contributor
8-Month Contributor
Life-Time Contributor

Note that the donation price for 1-Month Contributor is now ONLY $10 if you donate using Skrill, we strongly recommend that you signup and use Skrill, it is just much easier to use than PayPal.

Another important note is that Life-Time Contributor will no longer be offered after LAST 100 spots, so hurry up if you are interested.

One Special Promotion for seedbox users:

For those users who can afford seedbox cost monthly but haven't donated anything to support us yet, now you have a chance to get Life-Time Contributor at ONLY $80 if you use Skrill.

Special treatment for new users from Canada/USA/Australia/UK:

If you would like to try out our service with FREE contributor account (3-day length / 30GB upload credit), send kcplayoffs a message, and I will see if you are qualified for the offer.

You have to be from Canada/USA/Australia/UK, we will verifiy your location, so don't lie.
Users who have been here for more than 2 months won't be qualified for this offer.

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