A tracker exists to enable users to download torrents. Although we have plenty of torrents we seem to be short on the user part. We've been thinking and came up with a reason for this: the number of peers we currently have make mantaining a ratio quite hard since people are afraid to download because no one will leech from them.
We cannot force anyone to leech as many torrents as we would like, but we can make it so no one will get their account disabled if they try.

  • Each user will recieve 20 freeleech tokens (see wiki for further info:freeleechtokens )

  • We have enabled open signups once again.

To-do List aka. Work in Progress

  • Seedpoints. You get seedpoints for each torrent you seed for as long as you seed it. We still don't have a way for you to spend the points, however keep seeding and stacking those points so you can spend them all when we have the store up and running.
  • Cover images and torrent description. All torrents being uploaded from now on should have a cover image and all fields (iMDB, Trailer, Cast, Synopsis) should be automatically filled. If anyone wants to give us a hand by manually updating the old ones feel free to use the Staff inbox to let us know.
  • Subtitles. We've started working on a new subtitle system that will enable integration of multiple language subtitles. We are trying to move away from integrating romanian subtitles in the torrent file ("Rosub") because it's wasting resources and peers on 2 identical torrents and everyone would have to wait for someone to upload a rosub version. Moreover we're supporting all the people who translate romanian subtitles by posting the link to their website and enabling them to see how much people appreciate their work.

-A page named live.php where you can access easier our streaming events.
-Seedpoints market from where you can buy promotion,upload credit and much more.
-Gazelle source it's taken from scratch,so will work constantly to change it and adapt it to our tracker,an video tracker.

That's about it. If you have any questions or issues the forums are at your disposal or you could use the Staff Inbox for sensitive matters.

MTv Staff