As some you might have noticed, during the last 2 weeks of the last November, we were having several downtimes, making the site unreachable most of the time, we believe it was due to a DDOS attack. We have added DDOS protection to the site, as you may have notice also the DNS record changes. After adding the DDOS protection, there was a small issue with coordinating configuration with our DDOS provider to let the HTTPS site work, but it should all be sorted now.

The website, HTTP/HTTPS, as well as the IRC bot and the RSS feed should be fully functional, however we might still having some minor hiccups, and we are trying to solve it in the next few days, but most users should not have any more issues. Due to this downtime, we have decided to make all users able to do unlimited requests per month: this only applies to users that are able to request (not the Newbie user class) and will remain unlimited until the end of the month.

And happy holidays everyone, hope you enjoy our special torrents and holiday theme!