OK, Just an update on where we are standing with changes to keep the site up and running. We are all family here and all have a need to know.

We rented 3 new machines of lessor quality and are setting them up with 2 seed-boxes feeding the new stuff in. Haven't seen much of a speed drop from where I am at. The Main Server is still being setup and worked on. We have to do a lot of coding to get it where we need it. Most of it new code as we are cutting out a lot of unnecessary stuff. Somewhere on the 1st we will lose the current server and switch over to the new one. The holiday season and personal stuff along with normal work schedules has taken away some time to do this all. But we will have something up by this time and will be working on bugs and new additional code to keep things moving. So bare with us.

Now on the switch over from the old IP to the New IP address may result in up to 48 hours delay as it replicates to DNS servers around the world. Some peeps will see within a few hours, others longer. But just keep trying.

Some things we are working on.... New web pages, doing away with the Ratio and seeding announces (always been a heavy load on the server). This means we will be a complete honor system and will need to count on each other to keep the torrents alive, basically all Free Leech. Some Ranks will be eliminated, kinda leaning with just Newbie, User, Supporter and Sponsor along with some staff ranks. IRC is where all Help will be conducted getting rid of Favors. We are starting fresh with new torrents and will attempt to load in as many older ones as possible, at least the past few weeks worth. This also means that what you have now can be cleaned up or if you see it reloaded you can download the new link, let it re-check and reseed from that point on.

Since we are in the holiday season, most TV series have ended, new movies are low with a lot of non release groups posting copies of what is already out there. Its a quite time which most likely wont pick up again till after the 1st of the year. If anyone is looking for anything special just give a yell and we'll try to hunt it down for ya.

Donation process is gonna change and we will attempt to allow Credit Cards in at first. We have a temp process in place now and the newer one will come online with the new site.

New members by invitation only closed doors continued forever.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year !!!