We have upgrade plans afoot for our home from home to make things a little nicer for you to get the favorites that you seek.

We have been testing a new site script for a month or so now and the guys have done well familiarizing their selves with it. This wont be a massive change from the norm and it will still be a TS script. With the upgrade comes other issues we are trying to over come one of which is the bot that we mass upload things for you. The current one we have is not compatible with the new script and we are drawing blanks it getting it modified to work, this is the only thing holding us up.

This is the main reason for this pm to you all, we have found a newer bigger better shinier bot that work out of the box with the new script but that comes at a cost. I know we ask for donations to help keep the site alive and dont want to badger you all the time for money as we know its tight everywhere, but were asking if you would help us out with this new purchase we are looking to raise €80 in total to get this new bot up and running.

We are going to do the raffle the same as any other comp we run and make it a vip one, for every £5 donated to the cause you will be entered into a raffle for 3 months VIP yes 3 months. You will also get 3 month FTP access with it too so you can max out your line speed and direct from our server. As soon as we hit our target we will draw the lucky winner out and your VIP will start immediately.

All the staff here especially me are grateful for every penny you donate as it helps me with the running costs no end and it also helps us do things to make like this to make our time grabbing nicer. I look forward to any help you choose to give and sorry to ask but i thought it would be nice for you to know where the funds go..