Starting NOW we are having our very first forum growth initiative er... contest! The forums have felt a bit slow as of late and with this initiative we hope to remedy that. So come get posting! Here's how it will work:

We will be keeping track of what new topics are made over the next 2 weeks (ending Sept 29th) and the users who create the most, most active, and most useful threads will receive prizes. As well, every single new topic will get you 1 GB of upload credit! (With up to a max of 5GB a day.)

Prizes at the end will include items such as:

• Extra upload credit
• Temporary VIP status
• Custom titles
• and Steam games

The amount of prizes given out will depend on how many people are posting new topics over the next 2 weeks.

Make new forum topics, get upload GB's, win prizes! See you in the forums and happy posting!