Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers,

We are truely Sorry for the downtime you have experienced. Our Site server started to perform very slowly and after some editing on the server it was confirmed it wasn't fixable. So we went and got us a new server. We had to transfer everything over to the new server and do a little modifications to make the Site run as fast as we possibly can. As you can see depending on your ISP, Bitleechers is faster then ever before. If anyone is experiencing and issues at all come to Live Help and let us know right away so we can look into the matter.

Staff would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We would also like to welcome all the new members that have joined our community in the past month. As recommended, PLEASE read the Site Rules & FAQ's. If any of you have any questions or concerns you may join Live Help or Live Chat. You can also submit a Help Desk Query at any time you wish.

Bitleechers is a RATIO FREE Site! So, this means no one has to ever worry about a Ratio. It doesn't matter how much you download as long as you seed per Site Rules. Pay special ATTENTION to our Hit & Run system. If you dont understand how it works then come seek help for advice by joining Live Help. Rules are as follows...
1) Seed each torrent you download 1:1
2) Seed each torrent 48 hours "IF" you haven't reached a 1:1 Ratio.

Bitleechers at this point in time is working off of a "Bonus" system. Why ? Because of the lack of leechers. So with this said you can use the Bonus system to ZAP your torrents or use your Uploaded total to use the data in mb or gb to ZAP them. This is if you have enough Bonus points to do so and don't wish to seed. But, like any torrent Site, Seeding is what makes the torrent world go round and round

Collecting BONUS points are VERY easy to earn. Below are many ways to earn them...
1) Talking in the Shoutbox
2) Making a Forum Post OR Starting a new Topic
3) Commenting on a torrent page
4) Seeding your torrents
5) Rating a torrent that you have downloaded
6) Idling in IRC

We are looking for members who would like the opportunity to become a Moderator on Bitleechers. We require you to idle in IRC for as long as possible and spend a minimum of one hour per day on Bitleechers to Edit torrents when needed and monitor IRC, Shoutbox and Forums. You MUST be a member for 30 days and idle in IRC so you can get to know some of the other Members and especially the Staff. So if you are interested then come to Live Chat. If you meet the requirements as stated above you can Apply to become a Moderator.

Like any other Site, Bitleechers also needs Donations to pay for our Servers and the Coder. We run Promotions once a month so members can take advantage to become a VIP for a longer stay. Please DONATE if you can afford to and knowing you are keeping Bitleechers online. Keep the Site you keep coming back to moving forward.

VIP's DO NOT have to seed! But, in order to earn Seed Bonus we recommend that you do plus you help others get the torrent(s) faster.

Thank You,