Referrals have been issued on a user class basis as follows: Power User (2 invites), Super Power User (3 invites), Elite (4 invites), Super Elite and Uploader (5 invites).

If you are in the standard User class you can optionally request an invite only when you match the following criteria: you need to have been a member for at least 6 months, have a ratio of at least 1.0 and have downloaded at least 100GB of data. Please send any User class invite requests to the
Staff Box and title the message, "user invite request", you will only be eligible for up to 1 invite at this time so please use it wisely.

If you are normally a Power User or above, but have missed out on your invites because you were in Kitty Litter at the time of issue and have since been promoted back to a member in good standing, please feel free to contact the
Staff Box to request your invites, but the deadline for making these requests is the 14th February 2015.

Do NOT distribute your referral codes on known invite forums or trading sites of any kind. Invite giveaways are also prohibited on such sites. The only invite giveaways that are allowed are those that are on other class restricted forums or those sanctioned by staff. Doing so will result in you losing your referral privileges indefinitely as well as possibly being disabled along with your invite tree. Please issue your referral codes responsibly.

Referrals are subject to change and maybe be reissued, changed or even withdrawn at the sole discretion of the staff at any time. Assuming all goes well we will most likely review referrals at the beginning of March 2015.

PS: We also intend to reopen the IRC #invites channel soon, there you will be allowed to give away referrals codes to others who you feel deserve them.