Well, it's that time of year again, January 18th & we're all here to celebrate the birth of the best torrent site in this part of the galaxy: Speed.CD. Created on January 18th 2008 by two well respected members of staff, we've grown & come a long way over the years. Many of us have made good friends & possibly some enemies along the way, but throughout it all, we've all stuck together to make this place great. Please join us in thanking our Staff, from our Speeders all the way up to Controllers & the Code Monkey for all of the work they have done to create such a special place & keeping everything in order. Thanks also to our dedicated uploaders who provide us with the great content that we're here for & to our VIP's who have supported us over the years. And lastly, a special thanks to all members on site, without you we wouldn't have a site as there'd be nobody to provide content for. So please join us in wishing Speed.CD a Happy Birthday & hope for many more to come!