This is an easy contest but will help TiZ too much to increase activity and getting new members.
Also there is will be a very good prize for the most active member who share and help tiz to get more members, activity, etc...

So what you have to do win the prize ?

Easy, You have to try your best to share Torrentinvitez.com with some description in Faccebook, twitter, other forums, also if you can make vid in youtube in how to get free invites via torrentinvitez.com this will help you alot in winning the prize.

Also you have to be very active member in the forum with useful posts and helping new members ,etc...

So its easy to win

What is the prize ?
Ok, Its an old EXIGO account with good buffered and with email, you can sell/trade it.

If you willing to participate please leave a comment here, and you have to be serious please

TiZ staff.