true Music Lover

I will post a clue ( a picture or two , text or video etc.)
From here you will try to guess the artist and song

Contest rules :

-Offtopicul It awards to : : slap : or : ! : If you prefer staff : trollface :
-Only One response from one person
-I Can edit responses
-This Contest is unlimited in time and has no final awards . We will keep our muscles will open up : trollface :

Awarding takes place as follows :
The first person who guesses the song gets 250SP ( or if 500SP hard to guess ) .
The two songs by the same person guessed the prize is doubled.
On 3 songs by the same person guessed prize triples .
After 3 songs guessed the same person in the Hall of Fame and receive 1000 SP without being able subsequently to participate in this contest.