Until the 24th of September The Horror Charnel is opening its doors for new blood. So if you aren't yet high enough rank to have any invites and have friends that would like to join up, keep that in mind. The following month will bring our annual Octoberfest festivities, and after that will be our Anniversary; on November 5th we'll cease being six and a half and get to be aged seven! As far as anniversary festivities go, that info will be coming soon.

From the day the site opened, the goal has been to have a place for horror fans to come together to share the movies they enjoy, have fun, and to keep things friendly. Over time our scope has expanded and grown with our membership, with thrillers, action, mystery, film noirs, documentaries, cult movies and more all having a place here. The friendly community continues to be one of the most important parts of The Horror Charnel.