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    Newly Registered Pirates | Please read.

    Welcome to Torrentinvitez

    By Registering here in Tiz means you are willing to participate And be a member of our family & you agreed to follow our rules. so first step should be introducing yourself to your fellow Pirates , this is a big opportunity to impress other users and make them to know you better.

    Heading now to Frequently asked questions and some useful informations for newly registered pirates:

    Y : Where do i Begin ?
    N : First thing to do is read our rules and make a beautiful introduction , this should be sufficient as a start.

    Y : What are the Userclasses:
    N : Hit me

    Y: How do i get Free invites ?
    N : You can take a look at our giveaway section where there is unlimited invites and free invites to different trackers .
    word of advice : 0 Post and asking for invites is not tolerated so better make post useful threads and try to make friends here and invites won't be a problem.

    Y: I need Help , Please help ?
    N : Well if you need help regarding private trackers we have a section for that ( HIt me ) and your fellow Pirates can help you out , If you need help with the Board , you can PM Any Tiz Staffer and they will assist you ASAP or you can post here .

    Y : I’m a seller , How do I get to post in trusted sellers Section?
    N : Truster seller Section is made only for high & valuable person who are suggested by Tiz staff , So if you wanna be on the list , you need to prove yourself by introducing yourself & making users trust you by making some great topics & Succeful deals ….etc or you can donate , However you can start selling in Sellers Section but you need to send staffers proofs of what you are selling.

    PS : I'm not copying pasting anything from anyone ,we are an original community with original posts so to clear things out for you guys.
    I'm the Original owner of the thread in invitescene so i'm not stealing anything here.
    Last edited by TizPirate; 14-03-2015 at 03:49 PM.

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