A time came again to open recruitment for internal encoding group, playHD. But this time, we do things a little differently, more precisely, we provide tutorials, then you decide if you want to join this group or not.

GUI Tutorial
Tutorial CLI

After reading one of the tutorials (or both) and you find that you are able to follow, please log on IRC.
Server: irc.p2p-network.net
Channel: # filelist.recruitment

If the answer is delayed, chances are very great to sleep or have other jobs, but "With patience and great pass".

You must be #filelist channel (tutorial), otherwise, you will be kicked and 5 min ban

FAQ. wrote:
What are we doing?
People serious, decent and PCs on which we can build long-term.

How long does the process of encoding?
There are too many variables at stake to be able to say, but say it's somewhere to 5 hours up to 720p and 1080p up 8:00.

What will happen on IRC? I have to report anything?
You'll take a little interview, our goal is to see what kind of person you are, how things quickly processed and how quickly assimilate information;
Please have a link handy CPU-Z, we can give you more information about a encode duration;
There is likely to ask you to return a sample from an encode, so be prepared!

What do I get in return encode sites?
Receive 10FLC / uploaded torrents;
Receive 300FLC / encode made for lottery (explanations after the promotion);
Is there any chance of higher values ​​of FLC from staff officers dealing encoder if you encode good sites;
The opportunity to ask various favors staff;

What benefits I like (Essential) Encoder?
Donor star (on / off - unlimited);
Transfer upload to a friend, lover, lover, etc. (up to 2 TB per month);
Invite unlimited;
Recovery email change (maximum of 2 times per year);
The ability to ask renaming account (maximum every 2 months);
A warm fuzzy feeling.