PTN's 7th Birthday

It's that time again fellow pirates!

Today we celebrate our 7th birthday here at PtN! With you, the users, we have ourselves a fantastic community that just keeps getting better. The past year has seen us at a great point in our history. Donations are at an all time high, uploaders are uploading many great releases, Staff are busting their tales behind the scenes, and minus the glitch at the end of the year, the past 12 months have been great!

We've seen some staff come, and some go, and we thank each and all of them for their contributions. Without those contributions, we would be dead in the water, so from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you! As a staffer since the beginning, I can honestly say that things have never been better and I can't wait for the next year to see all the goodies we have lined up come to fruition!

Speaking of Goodies, I have a couple things to announce before we get to the fun and games. Today we are rolling out a couple new changes to PtN that have been worked on for a while now. First, we introduce a brand new "Black" theme from our friend Naveen. Staff has been privy to this theme for a few days now, and boy is it slick! Next we have the totally reworked Actor/Director page. This was rolled out not too long ago, and is full of great information for all you curious pirates. Our great coder also rewrote the Movie Details and Pack Details page to be even more informative and pretty. I recommend you check it out at your soonest opportunity.

This next change is big so it gets its own paragraph. Today, when you go to the browse page, you will notice this change. We have completely rewritten the browse page and made it soooooo pretty you'll bust at the seams! It's both informative and so much better looking than the standard boring list of torrents you may be used to. you will notice there are many options to filter your torrents by and two different viewing modes to choose from, (in case you just can't deal with all the good lookingness). So explore it and enjoy it!

Next we come to the Contests!!! Yay!!! We have several to choose from, and some great prizes this year! There are seedboxes EVERYWHERE!!! Can you bake a cake? Can you download? Can you spend some gold? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we have a contest for you!

PtN B-day Cake Comp

PtN Snatch Comp

PtN Upload Comp

PtN Comp Discussion

Finally, a call to arms: Do you have encoding experience and some spare cpu time? We are currently looking for new members of the great Skaliwagz team, so if you can make a rip from bluray and have the inclination, contact the staff box and drop a line to let us know about your interest. If you need a little help, we can offer some assistance in getting your encodes up to snuff

I, personally, and all the staff here, want to thank each and every one of you for being a PtN member and keeping the community going! Without you we would be nothing and would have died years ago, like so many torrent sites before us. I've been here since the beginning and have seen a lot of changes, and am excited for all the things still to come so keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff waiting in the wings!


:: Staff

As an extra PtN Birthday present we are giving you guys 2 invites to use please use these responsibly, if not you could loose your account here.