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    FL : FileList LoL Championship

    Please read the full post. 4-5 times even knowing the rules do not excuse anything.

    General information
    There will be 24 teams divided into 4 groups. Each group will have 6 participants, and since they will go ahead only teams ranked locul1 and 2. After registration, you will see the schedule and order of the matches.
    This topic will be included only captains. Each captain makes his own team, choose a name and then you can post in this topic. Championship rules are down a bit.

    Rules! Read carefully!
    Captain chooses the players and team creates. The captain will be responsible for everything related to the team. No excuses will go with so much attention.
    Each team is allowed to have more than 1 standin. It must be said when announcing the captain's participation. This standin may not be part of any team participating.
    Each captain must ensure that his players will take part in team matches. If you get down is strictly your problem. If you played games during established, you will be switched to drop and lose matches.
    Teams that do not participate in any 3 consecutive times in the championship match will be disqualified.
    Captains post everything and only team captains will discuss details of the organization, matches etc. Captains are required to notify each team member every detail important and necessary.
    After each match, team captains must save the screenshot to the final table of the game (where it is clear who won, players list appears, score etc).
    Each player must ensure that it can meet the schedule and will be able to play matches. We are going to organize more such tournaments and if you can not play you will be banned and you can not participate again.
    Each player must take into account the filelist.

    Enter matches
    After each game, captains must save the screenshot to the final table of the match (the captains of both teams).
    After BO2 and BO3 or BO5 captains will post screenshots here and the final score.
    Concrete example: X-Play Team vs Team Y a BO3. After 3 matches (or 2 if the score 2-0) both captains come here and post the score so topic: Team X Y vs Team Final score: 2-1 and make links with images from each match. If you have played three matches will be 3 files. So do both captains. The pictures you can host on http://imgur.com

    Sign teams
    Take time 1 week to join the team. So read this topic carefully and take your time to choose players. Lack of players can cost you around participation in this championship + automatic enrollment in blacklist, so choose carefully and make sure that players will play games. Only the team captain will post for enrollment. You need 5 players (4 players + captain) and a team name. Optionally you can add a standin.
    Model registration:

    Team name: FileList (FL)
    Captain Name: Toxic - http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/xxxxx - [division: Diamond V]
    Player Name: UsernameFL1 - lolking link - [division: xxxx]
    Player Name: UsernameFL2 - lolking link - [division: xxxx]
    Player Name: UsernameFL3 - lolking link - [division: xxxx]
    Player Name: UsernameFL4 - lolking link - [division: xxxx]
    Standin Name: UsernameFL5 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] (optional)

    Organization and Program
    If not enroll 24 teams, the tournament will take place;
    The group stage will be played BO2, and then to the semifinals (inclusive) BO3. The final will be BO5.
    If it's a tie in points between 2nd and 3rd place at the end of the group, is also playing a match and the winner goes on
    Matches will be fixed and will display the maximum to which one can play the game
    Exceptions can be made small organization and program, but do not rely on it. The organizers can decide whether or not.

    First Place
    6 months VIP (for each individual player)
    2000 FLCoins (for each individual player)

    Place II
    4 months VIP (for each individual player)
    1000 FLCoins (for each individual player)

    Place III
    2 months VIP (for each individual player)
    FLCoins 500 (for each individual player)

    Ragnar, toxic

    Match list

    The match list, you will see the teams that have been accepted and will play.

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