I have just finished coding paranoia levels for user profiles. Those of you who are members of some gazelle sites will know what this does. Although it is coded completely differently here they operate essentially the same. For those of you that dont know what paranoia is, its essentially a way to hide certain details in your details page from the average member.

The paranoia levels themselves and what they hide are listed in your profile page but I will go over them briefly here.

0- Nothing is hidden, not even from Kitty Litter class
1- Seeding and Leeching, SP Overview are hidden
2- Seeding, Leeching, Torrent History, Achievements, and SP Overview are hidden
3- Seeding, Leeching, Torrent History, SP Overview, Achievements, and Uploaded(Torrent amount) is hidden
4- Seeding, Leeching, Torrent History, Uploaded, Stats, SP Overview, and Achievements are hidden
5- Everything in your profile is hidden (except username, user class, and join/last seen date)

I have set everyone at a default level of Paranoia 1. Please know that this does not prevent staff from seeing your details. Staff are exempt from the limitations. If you have any questions or you come across some sort of bug (I'm sure there are some) please post it in the forum thread.

Hope you guys enjoy the new addition!