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    HDBiger: News


    限时开放注册通知 HDBiger成立至今,承蒙各路大神为站内添砖加瓦,本站种子数终于突破1000大关,为此特别限时开放 注册7天(2015年3月26日-4月1日),在限时开放注册期间,本站可以自由开放注册,无需邀请,本站暂无新手考核和注册附加 要求;
    PS: 4月起将全封闭运营,在限时开放注册时期新注册用户均由系统统一赠送10G上传量奖励,关闭注册 后新注册上 传奖励即将取消,也可以在开放注册期间通知朋友前来注册,机会难得,请紧握机会。 注册相关说明:


    Limited open enrollment notice

    Limited open enrollment notice HDBiger inception, courtesy of the great God and the brightest to contribute to the station, the station has finally broken seeds 1,000 mark, this special limited hours Registered 7 days (March 26, 2015-April 1), during the limited open enrollment, this site can be free and open registration, no invitation, no novice site assessment and additional registration requirements;
    PS: Since April the closed operations, in limited open enrollment period presented a unified system of new registered users by uploading 10G reward amount, close the new registration canceled soon after registering upload rewards, but also can be used during open enrollment notify friends come to registration, A rare opportunity, please advantage of the opportunities. Registration Instructions:

    1, is strictly prohibited registration vest, vest those who registered, along with the main number ban together and permanently seal IP;
    2 and 7 days after registration no download upload (free seeds can also be considered) data, the system will automatically delete the account, and can not be restored;
    3, is open for registration on this principle of March 26, 2015 - April 1, a total of seven days, but, depending on the registration and other cases, does not rule out the possibility of shortening the open enrollment period

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    Thanx for info bro
    Together we will change the world of private torrent trackers, just like we did in the past. I'm torrenting since 2010, and I will stop when I die.

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