Icon Competition

Dear DB User

Do you have the right skills to fix some cool new icons for our torrent categories , so there is the chance to win some GB and VIP status

We need some good suggestions for new icons for ALL categories. There can only be won if you make a complete collection of all the categories.

Size: 48x36

Format: png

1. Space 500GB + 1 month ViP

2. Room 250 GB + 14 days VIP

3. Room 100 GB + 1 week VIP

There will then be a user poll on who is the lucky winners

Should it be the case of the staff we agree , to make use of one of the proposals submitted , this will be further rewarded with 1 month free vip membership .

Proposals must be uploaded in db - bucket and posted in this thread :

forums.php ? action = viewthread & threadid = 14793


Racing conditions connect the 1 / 5-2015 at 12:00