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The Course - Introduction

Inside The Edit is the world’s first creative editing course. This highly specialised training program has been developed over three years by a prime time editing team working at the very highest level of television.

The Creative Editing Course goes way beyond basic editing theory. You will learn hundreds of structural, journalistic and creative techniques used in documentary and entertainment television. From the fundamentals to the highly advanced.

No other course provides you with professional level theory, raw footage to practice on and a guided tour through the creative editing process.


Editors learn in isolation and pick up the hundreds of skills and techniques needed over many years of analysis and self teaching. The Inside The Edit course is the first time that the secrets of the edit suite have been available to the public, as most of our content has never been written down before.

Our tutorials are a mix of high end editing theory, footage analysis and timeline demonstration that teach the actual artistic process of creative editing.



A huge barrier to learning the art of editing has always been the ability to practice on professional rushes. Production companies never release their raw footage and technical training courses only provide you with a very small amount. We’ve changed all that. Inside The Edit is the first training company to give you a complete set of unedited rushes from a one hour, high end documentary, shipped to you on a 500GB drive.



High end editing requires high end music. We’ve teamed up with the industry’s leading production music company Universal Publishing to provide you with 2000 fantastic tracks for you to practice scoring with. Universal’s cutting edge U-Drive software allows you to search for the perfect track in seconds and place it directly on your timeline no matter what software you’re using.

Benefits of the course

Unprecedented content
80 tutorial videos
35 hours of raw footage
Creative tasks
Highly experienced tutor
Industry insights and advice
New content added regularly

Lesson Topics

80 video tutorials

Everything you need to become a professional editor.

01 Introduction & Fundamentals
02 Setting up & Organising
03 Breaking down your footage
04 Laying down your sync
05 Painting Pictures: Concepts
06 Perfecting The Pictures
07 Pace & Timing
08 Cutting Actuality
09 Intercutting
10 Creating Professional Sync
11 Hiding Everyday Problems

Coming soon

12 Scoring concepts
13 Basic scoring techniques
14 Advanced scoring techniques