Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers

Today we have decided to bring back the $5 Donation option. We have been asked by numerous members to PLEASE add it back to the option and we thought long and hard if it would be worth it or not. So, we think yes it will help the site as well as helping the members for those who can't afford $10 or more that are on a fixed income or budget. With a $5 Donation you will not be promoted to VIP. Because the Donation amount is so small and the Fee we pay on $5 we can only offer what is stated below.

Donate 5$ Dollars and receive:
»5GB Upload Credits
»Donor Star
»Voice in IRC (#chat)

As to bringing back the $5 Donation option we will be forced to limit who has access to the Cinema. So, as of today the Cinema will be for "Donors" only! The reason for this is quite simple. Members who Donate should be rewarded for contributing to the running costs of the site. Therefore as of today any member who hasn't Donated to the site will NOT be able to view the movies in our very own Cinema. Mind you there are hundreds of movies we have stored for our members to watch daily without having to download the movie from the site.

Because of the changes stated above the Lottery will change. As of April 1, 2015 Lottery will be enabled for VIP's only! After a couple of months we may enable the Lottery for all Donors.

Donating to Bitleechers will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the community you keep coming back to. A site you can call home and always depend on for all your torrenting needs. So, PLEASE Donate today and help your community stay online for many more years to come.

We are looking to expand our Staff team. So if any member is interested in becoming Staff then please join Live Chat or messege Help Desk with your experience if any and what you can bring to the Staff team to help out. You don't need any experience to join the Staff team. Higher Staff will train you for the position you are qualified for. All we ask at some point is that you enter Live Chat or use an IRC program to connect and enter in order to speak to Staff and be eligible for the position.

As always be active on Bitleechers and "Seed Until You Bleed". Please enjoy the site.

Thank You,