XtremeZone website (myxz.org) that is us! We strongly suggest Xtremehost.ro site

XtremeHost.Ro in collaboration with Xtreme Zone, currently holds these hosting plans:

XtremeHost.Ro, currently holds these hosting plans:

CS: 14 slots: 3 Euro / month
CS: 26 slots: 5 Euro / month
CS: 32 slots: 7 Euro / month

I guess you can form an opinion about XtremeHost prices. For more packages, please visit this link: http://www.xtremehost.ro/

Currently, XtremeHost is protected by an army of Firewall Software and Hardware Cisco firewalls GUARD. So everyone will try to also attacked by aircraft xhost servers will be banned before his packages to reach their destination.
We want our customers to have a more pleasant environment underway, so we all win.

Currently I have 10 servers with the following configuration, 5 and 5 for VPS hosting GameHosting

We are one of the top hosting companies that offer free webhosting services for students who come with an original idea of ​​Romanian site, without asking any favors in return.
Developer We are also known for virtualization control panel "SolusVM".

Other services offered by XtremeHost:
XtremeHost not limited to GameHosting, but wants to offer its clients full service hosting.
Currently we host but not limited to:
Servers CS 1.6 / Source
Servers Radio
Reseller Web / Games
Virtual Servers OpenVZ / Xen
Dedicated Servers
Web Domains

Control panels:
We want to offer our customers the very best on the market, so our experts have selected these control panels to create a "envroiment" pleasant:
GameCP - Gaming Control Panel
SolusVM - Control Panel for VPS / VDS
cPanel - Control Panel for Web / Reseller Hosting
WHMSonic - Radio Hosting Control Panel

Payment methods:
Currently supports the following methods of payment:
Wire Transfer
Online card
Credit Transfer (Vodafone / Cosmote / Orange)
Charge Code (Vodafone / Cosmote / Orange)

For any issues, are available both here and on our website, http://WwW.XtremeHost.Ro/

Thank you and we look forward to working in the best conditions!

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