Very important update from REXXZ!!!!

Hello All

Just an update from my broadcast yesterday.

I need for all the members of Bitsoup to understand where I am today in regards to the future of Bitsoup.

Over the past 6 months I and the staff of Bitsoup have had to beg cry and demand for the support of members

We lower the credit amount to stop the bleed but yet during the fundraiser over the month of March the promo has been viewed over 3500 times but yet a very small amount of people heard the call for help and donated.

Yet the moment we go against what we believe is needed and increase the credit to 10tb there is a big jump in the first 24hrs but then dead again.

If this is all bitsoup is to become then so be it.

We will keep promo's going and broadcasting the announcements each and every day to every class under vip. If you are tired of hearing us ask for donations donate become vip and not have to see the broadcasts.

If you don't want to donate that is fine as well but don't come bitching to the staff about the spam. Its in you the members control how much we have to beg.

I have directed the staff to start nuking any post or thread that shows complaining.

If you don't like how I run my site You know where the door is.. Don't let it hit you on the way out.

There is a large group of people who spends hours every day to keep the site as clean as possible and worry free. I am tired of them being abused by some members and these actions will stop now.

The tine is now.. Spring is right around the corner. It was around this time last year that we seen a drop in usage on bitsoup due to content isn't as big of a deal during the summer season.

TV shows are ending for the season and summer season doesn't start for a few weeks/months

What this does to bitsoup is simple to see after last year.

People stop using the site as often. Less content to download means less need for ratio ending in less donations.

I don't want to beg. I don't want to have a issue like before where we need donations to keep the internet on.

Consider supporting the site now so we can survive the summer and be here in fall. We are quite far from breaking even the past few months.

Bitsoup has gone and spent more money we don't have setting up a new domain and back end to ensure people can access our great site.

We are still due for some upgrades but cant afford it.

We have a great promo going right now that will both help your ratio and help bitsoup.

This is the last call.. No more 10tb Credit Promo's until the Next Fundraiser. We are still quite far from breaking even with the slow season coming fast

Stock up on your ratio now...

[b]Bitsoup is always in the hands of you; the member.
Without you, there is no Bitsoup!