Nu practicati hit&run (h&r), torentele downloadate pot fi inchise doar daca au ratie 1 sau timpul de seed pe torent este de 60 de ore. Torentele pot fi inchise dupa ce se acumuleaza minim 3 ore de la incheierea downloadului urmand ca ulterior sa reveniti la seed si timp de 1 saptamana sa realizati ratia 1 sau cele 60 de ore de seed . Daca stiti ca nu veti putea tine la seed acest timp minim inainte de a reveni, nu va mai deranjati sa-l luati. Il veti downloada mai tarziu cand stiti ca veti tine pc-ul mai mult deschis.
Incalcarea acestei reguli duce la avertizare timp de 1 saptamana().
Clasa VIP() e exclusa de la regulile hit&run !

Hit & Run-ul are urmatoarele sanctiuni:
La prima abatere warn 2 saptamani.
La a 2-a abatere warn 4 saptamani.
La a 3-a abatere DISABLE account.


No hit & run practice (h & r ) can be downloaded torrents closed only if their is ratio 1 or seeding the torrent time is 60 hours. Torrents can be closed after accumulates at least 3 hours of the end of a download after which they return to seed and for 1 week to realize the ratio 1 or 60 hours of seeding. If you know you will not be able to seed this minimum time before returning , will not bother to take it . You will download later when you know that you PC more open .

Violation of this rule leads to warning for 1 week () .
VIP Class () is excluded from the rules hit & run !

Hit & Run has the following sanctions :

At first offense warn two weeks.
The 2nd offense warn 4 weeks.
The 3rd offense DISABLE account.