2015-03-27 17:21:21 - New site project: Community Backup

Guys, there are only a few offsite places matching our quality of content, usually run in a form of a blog, somewhat obscure and dependent on the public bittorrent which makes their future perhaps a bit uncertain. We are hence introducing a new kind of Site Project, Community Backup, which is meant to provide our users with an internal backup copy of such projects so your access to their quality resources is a given and will never go away.

Here at our end they become centralized and powered by our swarm, "just in case". The CB project will be organized in parts following the original premise of the source, e.g. months or other applicable units. After covering the first place we will see how this goes.

Let's start from Vinyl Done Right vinyl ripping blog by pbthal. The first torrent will cover May 2014. This is true top quality stuff. Don't forget to visit pbthal's place. His skill and its results, and the tremendous time he spent completing his tasks are already legendary. VDR backup will in overall be around 1.1TB and reach over 1400 albums.

And of course, many thanks to pbthal! You go, girl!