Hello! Long time no talk everyone.
I have been essentially been without internet for over a month (feels like 2?) on top of personal issues. But, I am back and I bring news(!)

I am in talks with my friend who screenprints shirts for a living. For donations either this month, or next month I will be having 'preorders' for these shirts. I am getting prices worked out and everything, so I will update you when I get everything worked out.

Anyways, I hope everyone has been well and I apologize for the constant snow up until a few weeks ago, but it is hard to, you know, fix stuff when the only internet you've had is internet on your phone

Stay spleeny everyone.
<3 IcyFlamez

PS I am like 2 months behind on replying to messages so my apologies for that. Like I said I haven't had stable internet connection outside of friends and phone internet (which I wouldn't use for myspleen anyways) so again I am really sorry!