Reach the goal!!!!

Hello All
Thank you to the members who supported us today.

Instead of begging lets be honest.

The whole reason we launched the fundraiser this month was to cover the lost donations over the past few months we needed to break even.

Its also because we do need to do some upgrades of the back end. Many have seen sites speeds slow.

The biggest reason is we are going into slow season. Donations will drop.

I'm not looking to get rich. far from it.

All I am asking each and every member right now is if you have not donated to the fundraiser please consider it now.

You get a big credit reward but more so you help insure we are on line all slow season without major issues like we had last summer/slow season/

I bet if we had enough people over the weekend support our great site we would not need to send broadcasts out every day.

I promise to all the members.

Consider a donation over the weekend and lets reach the goal and end the broadcasts.

Anyone who sends a donation will not see daily broadcasts for at least 3 months.

Can the members reach this goal?

Lets find out.

This is the last call.. No more 10tb Credit Promo's until the Next Fundraiser. We are still quite far from breaking even with the slow season coming fast

Stock up on your ratio now...

[b]Bitsoup is always in the hands of you; the member.
Without you, there is no Bitsoup!