What.CD: UX and UI Designers, would you like to work on a project?
Dear Community,

Roughly four months ago we made an announcement inviting coders within our community to apply to work on a special project. The submissions we received surpassed our expectations, and we were able to put together a strong team of talented, devoted coders thanks to the outpouring of interest. This team is currently hard at work on future developments we're confident you will enjoy. Many thanks to everyone who applied.

We're now pleased to announce that we're accepting follow-up applications for UX/UI DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS. This open invitation extends to user experience designers, user interface designers, and front-end developers with experience in the aforementioned areas. Users with experience in graphic design or interaction design are also welcome. Users of any class may apply.

If you're interested, send Ajax a private message titled "Designer Application". In this PM, please outline your prior experience in the relevant areas. Be detailed and specific; there are only a few spots available, and we're looking for the strongest candidates. Also make sure that the following criteria are met before submitting:

When applying, please provide a written description of your proficiency in the key areas defined above.
When applying, you must provide actual examples of your work. This is crucial. Personal details can be removed to preserve your anonymity.
You must be active. We're not asking you to devote your life to this project, but you will be expected to put in a few hours a week at a minimum.
You must be willing to join What.CD's IRC network. Idling is encouraged, and regular interactions are mandatory.
CSS proficiency is not required, but is preferred.
Ideal candidates are able to collaborate in group settings while taking personal responsibility for tasks assigned to them.

Selected users will get the rare opportunity to be directly involved in a new chapter of What.CD design and development. If you love What.CD and have a passion for UX/UI design, we're interested in what you have to offer. Don't hesitate to send in an application! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks everyone!