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并勾选“我想重置密钥”完成重置事宜,同时重新下载相关种子进行下载或做种,批量修改pass key参见 http://hdsky.me/forums.php?action=vi...d=5117。

特别注意:将本站种子直接上传论坛、网盘或使用迅雷等客户端下载种子文件将直接导致您的密钥泄 露!本站严格 禁止使用迅雷等工具下载,一旦发现立即封禁!
HDSky 管理组

Flow abnormalities user warning.

All flows out of the ordinary HDSkyer,Your keys have been compromised, Please as soon as possible!
Reset method: click here
And check“I want to reset the key”to complete the reset, at the same time re-download related to seeds, to download or type,volume changes passkey see http://hdsky.me/forums.php?action=vi...d=5117。

Special note: this site seed directly upload Forum, network drive, or use the speed waiting for client to download a file, it will directly lead you to the key leaked! This site is strictly prohibited to use the speed tools such as download, once discovered immediately banned it!

HDSky Management group
2015 03 31