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    How to Prevent Online Phishing

    How to Prevent Online Phishing..
    Watch out for hoaxes, phishing and scams.

    Online hoaxes are getting more sophisticated, making it tough to know whether an email, SMS or website is real. It’s important you learn how to spot the fakes so you stay safer online.

    Hoax websites.

    Hoax websites often look like the real thing.

    When logging in to banking, shopping or email sites, always look for “https” at the beginning of the URL – the “s” stands for secure
    Check for the padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar..

    Make sure the URL is genuine. Phishers often create fake websites with URLs similar to the real one
    Enter site URLs straight into your browser’s address bar. Don’t rely on links in emails as they could be fake..

    Phishing emails.

    The people behind phishing emails are experts in manipulation. Look out for:

    Generic greetings, like “Dear user”
    False links. Hover over a link or tap and hold it on a mobile device to see its destination

    Wrong, out of date or out of place logos or design
    Upsetting or urgent statements demanding you react immediately
    Bad spelling and grammar
    Requests for financial or personal information..


    Scammers try to trick you into giving them money. Look out for:

    Offers to pay more than usual for an item

    Requests to use a buyer’s shipping company
    Amazing, too good to be true offers

    The promise of money in return for a favour
    A promise to donate to charity if you contact them

    Notifications of lottery wins
    Unsolicited job offers

    Also beware of unexpected emails, Facebook or other online messages from a friend asking for money. Their account may have been hacked.

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    Thread moved to the right section.

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    Best defence against online scams....Common sense

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