2015-04-01 00:24:09 - Now testing: Automod 6 RC

Guys, straight from the new version of the site: Automod 6 RC (release candidate). It is a very late testing version but it should work flawlessly. At least we are hoping so. Version 6 introduces crucial new features.

Automod 6:
• EAC and XLD log checksums are now re-computed in real time. This means no edited log will ever pass through.
• ZIP (DEFLATE) archive support: Multiple logs can be now zipped together and uploaded as a single ZIP
• Now fully modular and in a significant part in C
• All error messages have been revised and rewritten. AM should be much more informative and user friendly now.
• There is a lot of small fixes, e.g.: better {RESEED} handling, better bit-frequency notation handling, auto-adding subgenres to [DD], [VINYL] and [SACD] etc.

Discuss this or report a weird issue (which may occur, unlikely, but it may happen) in this thread. If you have questions regarding zip archives support, also check there. The zip support and some of the auto-genres are not documented at the Uploading panel yet. Refer to the forum thread if something remains unclear.

Yet again Pedro's leads the charge!