2015-04-01 - Today, 24 hours every lady member who send us a message with pictures, which related to the page inscription, found objects (eg felírjátok the hands or the name of the page, posed with a road roller and a bucket of tar, etc.), a piece invited to attend.
Sirs, ye sorrow not, even the 10 most creative picture of you will be rewarded with a invitation.

2015-03-30 - Do you want to invite your friend, but do not have enough points? Do you like the intellectual challenge, or even bored? Look at it on the page you can access our game, which is again a new question everyone is waiting line. Each week we ask seven questions correctly and fill their invitation redeemable points added on Sunday evenings.
The game is to reach the game icon () in the upper-right corner, click the know.
If you would like to see your own questions, contact by hitting message to us. For more details see the related topic Hunters Point.