Dear NG users

Due to the recent illegal login attempts by many different users kontier, we have the staff decided that the entire page will be reset.

It will be for the individual user mean the following:

* All Upload / Download is set to 0 *

All Invites removed *

All HNR lists deleted *

Users created after February 1, 2014 deleted *

All current torrents on NG will be regularly deleted in the period April 3 to 6 This is done so that we are better in the future can keep track of users' whereabouts in here, as well as any.

unwelcome visits to your respective account. We are aware that this is a drastic step to take, but at the same time we are also aware that this particular measure will have unfortunate consequences for individual users - therefore there will be F2L on the tracker in the period 3 to 4 April.

We hope for your understanding. Happy Easter to you all out there. Mvh NextGen staff Competition! When we described is aware that the above has important implications for multiple users, hereby be a positive surprise. Sign up this competition and be in the draw for 6 months. VIP. Every 2 Registered winner !! You read that right - Every 2 wins !!

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