Dont Miss Out

Only 7 days left for the competitions guys
Some great prizes up for grabs so dont miss out these include seedboxes, gold and many more.

PtN B-day Cake Comp

On this day 7 years ago PTN was born. We have seen many trackers come and many trackers go yet we have managed to stay strong. We could have not done all this without the loyalty and help of our members. You are the reason we have remained open when many could not. With your help and support we will continue to be a strong community for many years to come. It is a time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate then to get together and bake some cake. This also means CONTEST TIME! Put on your aprons, heat up those ovens and bake PTN the best cake ever. Winners of this contest have a chance to win amazing prizes such as a Seedbox, Gold, and Corsair status.

Completion Date
9th April

* Simple, Include the PtN logo on the cake :-)
* Add your username and date on a piece of paper and add it next to your cake

1st Prize
Seedbox 1 Month (stats 400Gb 20Gbps Up/Down 3Tb limit)
3 Months Corsair
250,000 Gold

2nd Prize
1 Month Corsair
150,000 Gold

3rd Prize
100,000 Gold

PtN Snatch CompWelcome to PtN's 7th birthday snatch competition the games pretty simple all you need to do is download as many movies and seed them till 3 days after the end of the competition period, Since some movies are larger than others we have set a point system for certain formats so the larger the torrent i.e. 1080p the more points you will receive

Competition will run till the 9th of April remember to seed for 3 extra days tho but dont edit your posts after the 3rd


[*] Will run from the 19th and only snatches from this date will be counted

[*] Make one post below and edit it if you decide to add more movies to it[*] Post the links like this -[*] Please Split your formats if you download different types makes my life a little easier :-P
Example :-



[*] Please seed all torrents you download for the limit set for your user class anyone HnR will be punished

[*] You still need to be seeding your torrents for atleast 3 days after the competition so this gives me time to check everyone

[*] OST's are not included in the snatch competition

Points System

DVDRip - BDRip - BRRip - R5 - Webrips - Scr - Mp4 - Tvrips -> 1 Points
DVDR -> 2 Points
720p -> 3 Points
1080p - Remux -> 4 Points
BluRay - Packs -> 5 Points


1st Place
Seedbox 1 Month (stats 400Gb 20Gbps Up/Down 3Tb limit)
5 Months Corsair
350,000 Gold

2nd Place
300,500 Gold
3 Months Corsair

3rd Place
200,000 Gold
1 Months Corsair

PtN Upload Comp

A new year has passed over us and over PTN of course, we are very happy to announce that PTN celebrates today 7 years of life :love:. Thank you guys for your continued support, in sign of reward we thought at an upload contest:-D So let's the party begin :cake:. Happy Birthday PTN! :hbd: :drunk:


1. Top Uploaders will get top prizes.
2. You can upload the same movie but in a different format like DVDRip, 720p and so on! 1 scene and 1 p2p can coexist to and will also be counted.
3. One post per user. Edit your post if you want to add more torrents.
4. Post your list of uploads down below (include url and torrent name), like this:


Competition ends: 9th April.

Score System

DVDRip - BDRip - BRRip - 1 point
DVDR - 2 points
720p - 4 points
1080p - 6 points
No packs allowed


1st Place:

Seedbox 1 Month (stats 400Gb 20Gbps Up/Down 3Tb limit)
3 Months Corsair
300,000 Gold

2nd Place:

2 Month Corsair
200,000 Gold

3rd Place:

1 Month Corsair
100,000 Gold

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