Notice : for new registered user.

Hello and welcome new user!
Sorry for spamming this notice been sent to all user class. Have 1 day left for new registration, So I saw many new user doesn't made any move yet.

First of all, for who doesn't read PM, we have told at the end of PM notice for new user that system will delete your account if you have no download or upload count in 5 days. That is true, park account also! so remember this, if system delete your account do not sent any email and ask your account back, we will completely ignore you. We have told you to start your activity.

Second, please read FAQ and Rules. Different site have different rules and FAQ. Like us we do not like spectators and people who like to break the law that we made. Please follow exactly that we told, and your account will be safe.

Third, please do not use uTorrent 3.4.0 and above or latest one. We recommended you to use 2.0.0 or 1.8.1 for uTorrent. For other client version we are still monitoring. We will update the white-listed and blacklisted client to you soon.