Return of the diamonds!

Diamond torrents have been transferred from CBT.

Fixes #1

First set of fixes in:

1. Forum quickpost textarea has bigger fontsize.
2. Added Show/Hide button to search form.
3. Collections can now show 5 covers for each row.
4. Removed incorrect manage collection series intro.
5. Stamps now display full width.

We know!

OK, maybe we don't know. But we understand that there is going to be frustration as people try to figure out how to work the new site and that some things will break. We also know that there are many people who are just super excited and thrilled about the change. Please exercise faith and patience. We have amazing coders who are doing this for free because they love it and because they want you to love it too. We have awesome staff who are trying to help you for free because they love it and they want you to love it too. Things are different. Things aren't perfect yet. Expect bugs. But also try to see the incredible potential of a site where there is much more potential for making things even better than before. Collections alone are a fantastic addition. The new user classes, the stamps, the better searchability, and more... there's a lot to love here, but it's a new car. We don't know where all the switches and dials are yet, but as we learn we'll be happier. Thank you for your patience, we love you.