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Unleashing Project "Summatim": The Samkshipta tool

Namaste! It brings us immense pleasure to address this great community on this Good Friday.

Some questions for you - Did you ever not download an album because you weren't sure what the music inside was like? Did you ever regret downloading an album? Do you wish there was an easy way to discover new music without relying on others' opinions? If you answered in affirmative to any of the above, we have some amazing (hopefully?) news for you.

We are extremely happy to release the desi-Previewer tool - Samkshipta. Summatim is latin for 'summary', and Samskhipta is Sanskrit for condensed. This tool lets you try out an album before you download it! You can find the preview option in the album page, to your right, right under the "covers" section. Check the below image; notice the preview button under the "Cover" and above "Artists"

How does it work?

Consider an album with 7 tracks. The preview tool allows you to listen to 30 seconds from each track. Thus, you can try out an entire 7 track album in 3.5 minutes. Note that, for tracks that are long, i.e. classical music tracks etc., you get longer previews. We hope that this feature will allow you to discover a lot more music in a wide spectrum of genres, and even languages.

The previews will be streamed to you in vorbis(.ogg) format. We used vorbis to create the preview because it is an "ethically, legally and technically superior audio alternative to the proprietary MP3 format". Even if you have a 18 KB/s connection, this tool should work quite seamlessly.

We add that none of the files are still "stored" on our servers for legal reasons. Don't ask how we managed that, we just did

Note that, we haven't created previews for every album on the tracker. About 65% - the most popular albums are done, and others are being processed as I write. We decided to go for an early release, so that we can test things better.

Sounds great, are there any limitations?

The preview will naturally not be available for a freshly uploaded torrent with 0 snatches because a preview cannot be created until uploader has finished sharing a copy!
Given the server capacity and other limitations, we will limit the number of previews you will be able to try in a given hour. If you are actually listening to a preview before trying a new one - you wouldn't be really affected.
Only previews of FLAC are generated. MP3s are transcodes and transcodes of transcodes sound really distorted.

We also advise users to not use any scripts to "crawl" through pages and download previews. Trying abusing, and we do have mechanics to alert us. When the time is right, we will release all the sample-previews as batches of freeleech torrent - so that you can listen to them all and then get every album that you are likely to enjoy.

We also want to thank our uploaders for making this site such a wonderful place. A site is only as good as the content it provides.

We also want to especially thank the long term seeders who made this project fun by seeding everything for us. In the history of this new site, not a single 100% flac has been deleted due to inactivity. The last flac that was truly deleted and not replaced was more than 5 months ago. One should pause and reflect on these incredible achievements by our long term seeders. Content is only as good as its preserved.

Last, but definitely not the least - we would like to thank the entire userbase for sustaining this tracker. Our expectation from you, as always, would be more snatches and more seeding!

On this happy occasion, we would like to take on a fresh challenge - a stress test, if you will. We are going to have freelech from Saturday, the 4th of April, 10:00 IST to Sunday, the 5th of April, 1 PM IST (Indian Afternoon). That would be 27 hours of freeleech. So bookmark those torrents, and be ready to hit fire! Just don't download with an intention to delete immediately after free-leech period to gain "buffer", because that will affect your seeding percentage.

We are going to come up with a completely revamped point system in the near future, please see this link for the idea being considered.

It has been an absolute pleasure,

Yours Truly,
Staff DCD