mma-tracker News

Just a small update for people who may not have noticed some of these changes yet
Random free leeches

As was the case in the past, torrents will be made free randomly for a period of 1 week.
The choice of torrents is limited by a number of things. The torrent has to be:

- Between 1 and 10 seeds
- Not free or 50% already

The system will keep adding 1 free torrents every 30 minutes (up to 336 per week), until a total free size of 1TB (1024 GB) has been reached.
When a torrent returns to 50%, it will get filled up to 1TB again.

Every torrent that gets made free will be listed at the top of the Free torrents page

As usual, after they expire, they get turned into 50% leech torrents for 2 weeks.

Related torrents

Again, like we had in the past.. (I hate saying that)
All torrents in the Instructional or Documentary categories will now display 5 related torrents on their details pages.

These related torrents will be:

- In the same Type category (Documentaries with documentaries)
- In the same Sports category
- Randomly picked from the top 50 downloads made by users who downloaded the torrent
- 1 or more seeders
- Not already downloaded by you

Hope this helps people both have an easier time getting some ratio and finding more related stuff they may want
As usual, please comment here if you have any suggestions