We are looking for new Moderators here at Xspeeds.

Your main duties will be editing torrents as they come in and helping out members in shout, irc and the forums.

Please only apply if you are the type of person who can take orders and if you have at least 3 hours a day to give to the site.

Please state in your application which timezone you are in and what time of day you are most likely to be onsite.

Please do not be put off if we do not reply straight away, we will contact you as and when a position in your timezone opens up.

Please don't apply if you have been warned for any reason other than a leech warning.

Only Power Users and above may apply

Full Training will be given.

All Staff receive free leech but this must be earned, those not onsite for at least 3 hours a day will be demoted.

Apply by replying below.