The Immortal News: We Need You and Easter Madness - teky - Yesterday, 01:35 AM

We Need You!

As you may or may not be aware, running a site like this takes a monumental amount of effort to keep it on the tracks. From the Mods, HPs, and Admins who work tirelessly to make sure everything you experience is as good as it can be, to the Dev team and Sysops who keep the proverbial motor running and add a few bells and whistles now and then, there are a lot of folks that work hard in the background, just for you.

James Doolittle once said, “There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” That is certainly true of all the wonderful people whom I have had the privilege of working with.

No one stays on staff forever. Life becomes too demanding, fighting the good fight becomes a bit too much, or maybe they just fade away. But, the show must go on! This is Immortalseed after all. So we are asking for you to volunteer. If you have some free time to dedicate to the site making corrections to uploads, monitoring the forum, or in general being an iS hero, we need you! No one expects you to stay around forever. And certainly, no one expects you to do something that you cannot. But, if you feel you can contribute, please go to the staff applications page and let us know.

Easter Madness

We have a couple of awesome Easter games going on now! The first is an Easter lotto! To participate in the lotto go here! The second is... an Easter scavenger hunt!!! For more information go here. There are lots great prizes being given away including BP, Upload Credit, and VIP time. Don't miss out!