Site Update : User class update and Rules update.

First of all, if you know anyone register with us on our open registration time, BUT now they cannot login to our site, just say "BYE-BYE" to them. I saw a lot off account been remove. We not save anything, we delete it all by auto.

So we have some update to you guys about user class and rules.

1. User class update.
- Peasant class
User would be demoted to this class under any of the following circumstances:
1.Downloaded more than 10 GB and with ratio below 0.4
2.Downloaded more than 50 GB and with ratio below 0.5
3.Downloaded more than 100 GB and with ratio below 0.6
4.Downloaded more than 200 GB and with ratio below 0.7
5.Downloaded more than 500 GB and with ratio below 0.8

Power user until Veteran user will get 1 invite if been promoted. see FAQ for more information.

2. Rules update.
Account will be disable if not login 30 days in a row.
Park Account will be disable if not login 152 days in a row.
New registered but haven't start download/upload in 5 days. (automatic disable by system)
- user must have at least 1GB (+-) download stats and 1GB (+-) upload stats after complete registrations and have 5 days to completes this task or your account will be disable by system. Email us with a solid reason, to enable back your account.

for reference please visit our forum :