A Brief Update

Hello everyone. It is obvious by now that there have been a few changes made with the staff. Before I get into it, I want to first say thank you to all of you for your patience with us as these changes took place.

I assume there are quite a few questions, and I will do my best to provide you with answers in this message.

Once again, it is obvious by now that cr0nus is no longer staff. This a sad thing for all of us, members and staff alike. Being one of the newer members of the staff, getting to know cr0nus has been an amazing, and very knowledgeable experience. If you spoke with him even briefly it was obvious that HDA was his passion. He spent countless days, months, and hours working to build and maintain this great place we all call home. But, sometimes a person needs to do what they feel is right for themselves, and their family. Family is one of, if not the most important thing in this short life. Simply put, leaving one love, for a much, much more important love is what was necessary at this time. I assure you that this decision was not easy for him, and did not come lightly. cr0nus loved, and will most likely always love this site, and its members as much as we all love him. Although he is no longer staff, he has not completely left us. He has said he will still come around from time to time. So please, everyone, do me a favor. When you see him, say hello, and thank him for the amazing place he spent so much time to build for all of us. Let him know that we all love him, and that his legacy lives on in all of us who take part in the daily activities of HDA. For myself, and I assume the rest of the staff, and hopefully all of you reading this, it will be forever be an honor to have worked with, known, called boss, and most importantly be a friend, of the man we all call cr0nus.

Now, onto jonnyboy. Like cr0nus, jonny dedicated countless amounts of time to HDA. He was good at what he did, and his hard work will always be more than appreciated. First let me say, I don't wish to make him feel alienated, or project any ill will towards him. But, sometimes people do not always mutually agree on the direction of things, and this can bring about uncomfortable situations for all parties involved. The best advice I can give about it, is to take it at face value. jonnyboy is no longer with us. Unfortunately the circumstances surrounding his departure should probably not be talked about publicly. But the same goes for jonnyboy, if you see him around, please treat him with respect, and be sure to thank him for his hard work, and dedication while he was here.

As for HDA itself, our goals are still the same. We will continue to do our best to bring you the great quality releases you are used to seeing. We are dedicated to this site, and we are willing to do what is necessary to ensure that it has a bright future.

Set / HDA Staff