Please take note that the announce URL has changed for obvious reasons (read: ddos attacks).

New announce proxy is behind cloudflare so hopefully this will stop the ddos drama.

The old announce will continue to work in order to keep the existing torrents alive however we strongly encourage everybody to update the announce URL for best performance going forward.

We are provisioning new servers in order to fight this and mitigate future attacks. This will make us stronger so stick here for what's to come

As you probably noticed already the website and announce are working properly right now (irc server is still ddosed but that will be fixed next).

Since there's alot of talk (read: drama) on this subject I would like to inform all users that the server that is being ddosed is just a fronted proxy but it's good to know the "experts" though they hit the core network (yes, we have more than one server and we make backups).

I really hope people are smart enough to see past the bullshit and drama created by our friends (but.. hey, we must be doing something right if we have such good friends who like to share their bandwidth with us).