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Apr-09-15 - Digital Gamer's Hive

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Hello and welcome to Digital Gamers Hive!!

The Digital Gamers Hive is all about gaming with the Digital Hive community. I’m sure that there must be more of you out there that would be interested in gaming with others on this awesome site! It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit of a newcomer or a seasoned pro! ALL are welcome.

The game that we are currently playing as you can guess from the banner title is Tom Clansy's Ghost Recon. We will be playing this for a month then at the end of the month there will be an event weekend when we hope as many people will be online as possible to play (Full details are in the forums)

If you’re interested in playing this game with others here on Digital Hive click the following link which contains a download link to the game on Digital Hive along with links and instructions on the software we are using to game across the internet (EvolveHQ and TeamSpeak for in game talking).

More Information Here

Due to the popularity of L4D2 UT2004 and Battlefield 2 we will be leaving the dedicated DigitalGamersHive game servers up and running 24/7 (or as much as possible) If it is not up or not working properly please PM mcsadler or blinknilb and we will sort it out as quick as we can)

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Any questions or problems feel free to drop Hellspawn or blinknilb a PM

Hellspawn PM

blinknilb PM