Hi all,

For some time we (and other trackers) have some problems with some seedboxes sending really bad data to the tracker (too much Upload and Download).
Here's what we know:

I happens randomly.

It could be related with autodl.
It could be related with rutorrent (rtorrent/0.9.2/0.13.2 , rtorrent/0.9.3/0.13.3 and rtorrent/0.9.4/0.13.4)
There are NO problems with Deluge or uTorrent.

How to fix it.

Check your stats (be a good user, not just another ratio whore).
Remove that torrent from your client and report it to us (on irc channel or staff box).
Talk to your seedbox provider for a clean install of rutorrent.
If it happens again, clean install rutorrent or change client (to Deluge or uTorrent).
If it happens again and again and again, change the client.

Ignoring all this, will get you a free ratio reset.