Dear users,

We want to inform you that we've added new rules and updated some of the old ones. They concern the uploaders and the numerous dupes we've seen in past years. We suggest to read them (even though you're not an uploader/encoder)

Regarding uploaders:

Only HQ MOVIE audio allowed with minimum 5.1 sound, 1.0 and 2.0 for older movies only.

ISO is allowed for untouched 3D movies

One web-dl version per movie will be allowed (720p or 1080p). If the first web-dl version is re-encoded or has 2.0 channels (instead of 5.1) you will be free to upload a better version (ask here if you need help or you have doubts)

Only one scene release! (TV/Movie). Feel free to post here if you think you have a better/different solution.

One quality encode allowed! It can be uploaded before/after a quality internal, but remember to include comparission screens!

For Internal releases:

We won't accept more than one internal per resolution anymore. Make sure you have staff's aproval, so:

One internal encode per resolution! Proof is needed if you got a better encode

Only one REMUX is allowed! Internal will be kept while others will get deleted.

Only one BluRay disc will be allowed.

BRRip a.k.a. encodes from re-encodes will be strictly forbidden!