Be sure DHT is disabled in your torrent client. DHT poses both a security risk and stat inconsistencies which can over inflate your stats and flag your account as a cheater. Those found to be running their client with DHT enabled may be banned.

If you want to know waaaay too much about it, read this:

But here's the tl;dr as I understand it:
DHT stands for Distributed Hash Table

The idea is that it serves as a backup or further resource, mainly for public trackers. It basically allows your client to find other seeders without using the tracker. In some scenarios, this is a very valuable concept (although there are some security risks, as well). However, on a private tracker, such as LTTi it can mess with your sharing stats and make it appear as if you've uploaded more than you have.

A few examples of how to disable DHT:

Disabling DHT in µTorrent.

• Options > Preferences >Torrent Options > uncheck " Enable DHT " & uncheck "Enable DHT for new torrents" > Apply > OK
• Restart µTorrent.

You should see "DHT: Disabled" on the bottom of the main µTorrent window.

Disabling DHT in Azureus.

• Tools > Options > Connection > under "Peer Sources - Select the default permitted sources for peer connections " only check "From a tracker"
• Tools > Options > Plugins > Distributed DB > uncheck "Enable the distributed database "
• Tools > Options > Plugins > Distributed Tracker > uncheck "Only track normal torrents when their tracker is unavailable"
• Tools > Options > Sharing > check "Private torrent - only accept torrents from the tracker (This should automatically gray out and disable "Allow decentralized tracker when tracker is unavailable"\)
• Restart Azureus

You should see a red dot and "Disabled" on the bottom of the main Azureus window.

Disabling DHT in Vuze.

• Tools > Options > Connection > "Peer Sources" section. > uncheck "Decentralized tracking "
• Restart Vuze

Disabling DHT in Deluge.
• Edit > Preferences > "Network" section > uncheck "DHT" > Apply > OK

Disabling DHT in Transmission:

• Edit > Preferences > "Network" tab > uncheck "Enable DHT" > OK
• Restart Transmission

It looks like that one (like many seedboxes) uses rTorrent by default.
If you use the web GUI for rTorrent:

• Settings > "BitTorrent" tab > deselect "Enable DHT Network" > OK

if you use SSH to work with your seedbox, look for the file "~/.rtorrent.rc"
and look for a line like:
dht = auto
and edit it to say:
dht = off